From the beginning it has been the destination of the greatest
sport fishing legends, who enjoyed its hospitality and services.

Until 1944, Don José Juliá and his wife Doña Elena Koller managed the Hotel Lanín, now the site of the restaurant Ruca Hueney.

That year, they built their family home on the riverbank of the Chimehuín.

Their guests began to visit them, for lunch or dinner. Some of these long-time guests wanted to stay longer, and suggested that they build additional rooms.

This is how on December of 1950 Hostería Chimehuín opened its registration book and received its first guests, from Great Britain.

Over time, its guest list grew, and so did La Hostería. Through word of mouth, the news spread about its hospitality and Doña Elena’s wonderful cooking. Thanks to Don José’s fishing advice, the guests always came back in the evening with a nice trout for dinner.

Thus, La Hostería grew to what it is now.

With time, not only fishermen came to La Hostería, but also their families, who enjoyed its gardens and the Chimehuín riverbank. Other guests include mountain climbers on their way to the Lanín Volcano, contributing pictures of their ascents to the traditional “museum”: the walls of La Hostería covered with pictures of the largest trout taken by guests throughout its 60-year history.

Today, the cordiality of its founders remains, in the hands of the descendants of Doña Elena and Don José, with its famous breakfasts and everything you may need during your stay.